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Friday, March 31, 2006

Lessons Learned: Never Get Service Done at the Dealership

Because they will do you over. Sure, the normal services are quite inexpensive. I mean they do all the normal tricks and charge you within a few dollars of any other service why not get your service work done there?

However, never get a major service done. All of us car buffs know that every 30k or so you should give your vehicle a little tune-up. Well, do what you will, just don't get the majority of it 'done' at the dealership.

Why am I so upset? Because here is a list of services done that resulted in a $250 premium beyond the cost of the basic service:
  • Replace Fuel Filter (if applicable) - how much money do you have on that they decided it wasn't applicable?
  • Inspect brake system, lines hoses and parking brake - can be done by sticking head under car
  • Inspect disc and drum brakes - done whilst your head is checking out the other stuff
  • Replace brake fluid - Okay, this is legit. But they don't give you an option for synthetic fluids. They charge $50 for this service...still not seeing the extra $200.
  • Check A/C hoses for leaks - Um, if there were leaks I would know it.
  • Inspect air conditioning system temperature - definitely not done because my car has the weakest A/C known to I4 vehicles
  • Replace Air Cleaner Element - I can buy a better one for $42, plus it would last longer than the paper one. So no thank yous there.
  • Install wiper blades - Um, my front wipers were fine, and you never changed the one in the back...that would be the one that actually needs to be changed. Cost $7, and they're not even the type I want.
So, let's see. $50 + $42 + $7 x 2 = $250? Where's my other $144? Why didn't you do what you are supposed to do during a real tune-up and replace the coolant and the spark plugs? What really bites me is that those extra services are what needed to be done for the 30k service and are required by your little service manual; yet, you refuse to include them in your 30k service package. Why? You've lost my business for good.

From now on I'm simply going to let some other place do the oil change (that is until I get my own garage), and then do the rest by myself and then take the girl out on a nice date with all of the extra money. It's a good thing that chicks dig guys that smell like cars and look all manly.


timothygrimes said...

Just come down to my garage after I get it. Beer + cars + dudes = awesome.

Dave said...

I did this exact bit of math a few months ago when I was nearing the 30k mileage on my 6. It was then that I discovered that I don't hate my 6. I hate the dealer. Ever since I decided to do all of my own maintenance, the car has become a pleasure to drive again.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...But if you don't get the 30,000 mile (etc.) check-up done at the dealership, is your warranty then toast? Like A long gone memory? What about all the mechanics you'll be puttin' outta business if you do your own business on your car...Your taxes will go up to pay for their govt. bennies (unemployment, section 8, wic, etc.)...Then again, maybe we need to keep T-Grimey busy, too, so that he doesn't cause trouble...Egads! What a dilemma!! Heck, just take the CapMetro Bus! (Some real romance in taking the girl on a date downtown on the ol' Busseroo!!)...Remember, it's free on all them OZONE ACTION DAYS! Enough bus trips and you can save up and buy a helicopter, and just buzz right over the car dealership!! Then drop a whole bunce of ping-pong balls on the dealer, and print "redeemable for $5,000.00 to the finder at (Dealership's Name Here)...Yeah...That'll fix their wagon alright!!! Ooops! Gotta go, I'm late for my Therapy session, and I can't find my meds, and I lost my bag of marbles, and uh....Why is my radio giving me messages? Ah-Ha! it's the Tri-lateral commission spying on me again! ("Crash!!") Take that you crummy radio!!...Hey, Shut up you TV! I didn't turn you on, Did I? Oh NO, it's happening again! AAHHH! Hey somebody call my shrink, Hurry!...I hear those monsters in my closet...HELP!!!!