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Friday, April 28, 2006


My part of the wedding is done!

We booked a trip for our honeymoon! I'm really excited about this.

We're heading down to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico on the West Coast. This place looks really nice, and much more quaint than all of the Carribean locations that are within a short flying distance.

The Place

Now that this is done all I really have to worry about is getting a suit (because I have to loan my current one to one of the groomsmen) and finding food for the rehearsal. I feel like we could have the wedding in 2 weeks if we needed. Just wouldn't have her dress, and we definitely need that.

And just because I'm excited about going there, here are a few more pictures:

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Conspiracy Theory: Pentagon on 9/11

Go here fast before it's taken down.

I'd put this right up there with JFK's head flying back instead of forward when he was supposedly shot from the back right by a 'communist'.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Wedding Ideas

  • Enter the auditorium to some fun songs and give everybody high-fives
  • Leave the reception on little razor scooters, hide the car, then go somewhere.
  • Have Singleness pinatas that can then be bashed open by single people/kids
    • Guys and Girls - have some candy and some 'mature' items.
  • Start wedding a tad later (7:30ish) so that people can get dinner beforehand.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Plan

So, I got engaged this weekend. But what's an engagement without a story?

Below you'll find that story. If you need more details then call...although I'd be surprised if you make it thru THIS document.

The Plan

  1. Location: Andrea’s Apartments
    Time: 17:00

    Have K-Love give (or leave) Andrea a letter stating:
    Wait until five,
    Don’t get a head start.
    To the Great Forrest Spirit,

    Is where you’ll depart.

    (reference of these from this movie)

  2. Location: Otis' Apartment
    Arrival Time: 17:15
    Helper: Bryan

    She will then head to my house and the trees outside with the small rattly seeds. In the tree will be an envelope with my initials, her name, and a blue butterfly (this will be present at each location).

    Open the envelope to get the next clue:
    There is now a Gate
    Where once stood a Way.
    Behind the Park that’s Reserved,
    Or a ticket you’ll pay.

    Directions to next Location (Google)

  3. Location: Gateway Community Church (Bull Creek) – Office Parking Lot (map)
    -This is where we first met - April 3, 2005-
    Arrival Time: 17:30
    Helper: Mr. Juicebox

    There will be an envelope with my initials, her name, and a blue butterfly on the back of the Handicapped Reserved Parking Sign (it’s very faded).

    Next Clue:
    There once was a time,
    Before you were a kiss giver.
    We ate a large meal,
    And sat by a small river.

    Additional Clue (on back):
    Go to the valley,
    That’s Wooded and Spiced
    Spin ‘round the turns
    Like your car is all riced.

    Cross 4 to 5 creeks.
    Only 2.1 miles you’ll go.
    On the left a Saint you will find.
    And a tall tree with high boughs.

    Directions to next Location (Google)

  4. Location: St. Edward’s Park (map)
    -First Picnic Date she had ever been on-
    Arrival Time: 17:45
    Helper: Amy

    There will be an envelope with my initials, her name, and a blue butterfly hidden under a rock in the cradle of the call rounded cedar. You may need to put her on your shoulders to get to it (think of something I would hide/see).

    Next Clue:
    Your first time out dancing
    You looked ever so sweet.
    It was in this very room that
    You were first swept off your feet.

    Directions to next Location (Google)

  5. Location: The Fed (map)
    -This was where our first dance and kiss were exchanged-
    Arrival Time: 18:05
    Helper: Bryan

    There will be a row of bushes along the front of The Fed. As they get close to the right side of the front you will find an envelope with my initials, her name, and a blue butterfly hidden in the bushes. Open it.

    Next Clue:
    Something sappy, I can't remember exactly what.

    Directions to next Location (Google)

  6. Location: The Falls Apartments (map)
    -Her old apartments and a great breeding ground for fireflies!-
    Time: 18:18
    Helper: TimGrimes

    There is no cell service here, so don’t go down until you get a call to let you know she’s on her way. Simply wait for her to show up. Then blindfold her (I’ll try to supply it) and drive her to the next location.

    Directions to next Location (Google):
    1. Take 360 to Mopac and head South
    2. Cross Town Lake and take the Zilker Park Exit
    3. Circle under the highway and head towards Zilker
    4. Take the first first left (under the bridge) onto Rollingwood.
    5. Take a right onto a small road called Zilker Park
    6. Go 0.2 miles up the road and there is an entrance into the woods on the right.
      1. Just before you get to the entrance there will be a house with Giraffes in the front yard.
      2. If you’ve come to a crossroad leading to the left, then you’ve gone just a tad too far.
  1. Location: Zilker Park Nature Area Lookout (map).
    -One of the best unknown views in town-
    Time: 18:30
    Helper: None needed, all welcome
    Present: Ring

So that's pretty much the story. Tim un-blindfolded her and placed her on the path to get to the lookout. There were little tulips in vases leading the whole way up.

I got so excited when I saw her and Tim that I ran up the trail and tripped (cutting open my hand, so it was bleeding during the whole engagement part).

But it was totally forgotten when I saw her slowly approach the top of the path. Then I walked her to where the lookout was. Told her I loved her or something (does it really matter?), then dropped to one knee and pulled out a ring.

But she told me before all of this that she finds tall, large, round diamonds in yellow gold hideous. But she still said, "Yes." Then I was like, "Cool." And pulled out the real ring

She then became a big ball of emotions and tears. She always wanted a yellow diamond and wanted something small, but classy. Unique and pretty. Low profile and sparkly. She never dreamed I would exceed her expectations, but I plan on doing that every day that I can.

So after our moment, I called out all of the aforementioned friends (plus Mrs. Juicebox) and had them come out. Turns out I got lucky and she really wanted to share the moment with others. They came out. Congratulated and stuff, took pictures, grinned a lot, and were secretly angry because the bar has been raised for their engagement expectations.

After some lessons in how to pee in the woods as a girl, they left us to be. I had a picnic of gluten-free delicacies prepared, a fresh bottle of chilled wine and a picnic blanket. We just sat around and talked, laughed and just sat in shock at how awesome and scary these new words like 'fiance' and 'marraige' and 'wedding' are.

After watching the sun set, we went off and did stuff you really don't want me to elaborate on. NOT THAT! Just talking and other stuff that couples do.

It's really fun, telling people has been exciting, and I can't wait to keep telling this story for years to come as I sit beside my future wife.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

This one's for Andrea.