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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Together...with a 2

Yesterday I moved the girl's stuff over to my (er...our) apartment, and so this is it. The last real thing that had to be done before the wedding is official.

It's pretty cool though, because finally I don't have to be traveling back and forth between her place and mine for this and that, everything is in the same place.

So this week if you haven't guessed has been crazy busy. We're getting married on Saturday, so in the meantime we're busy trying to get this and that and the other together before we have to put on the big show. What's crazy is all the details. Details like, I have to get the music together, make sure that catering is in order, get hair cuts, make sure that wardrobes for everybody are set, try to find the proper order of events for the rehearsal...and fight for the details that are important and let go for the ones that aren't (what type of decorative toothpick holders do we have). So far things seem to be going smoothly though, and I'm excited because today is the last day of a bit of calm before everything really hits the fan. Mostly it's just all so soon, all so scary, and all so exciting.

I can't wait, but I know that like a good beer, you have to wait for awhile if you want it to taste good when you get it.

For those of you getting married in the future. I highly recommend taking at least a few days off before the wedding. There are way too many things to do in the days before a wedding, and if I put the onus of everything on Andrea, then it would just be wrong and she'd be a little basketcase. Fortunately she's not, I'm not, and we're getting a lot done...oh, and we can't wait to get out of here!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Stupid Fungus

I finally found a brand of contact lens solution that I loved! This stuff was perfect, nice and smooth, no rubbing required, very moist. My eyes actually felt better after putting in my contacts than before. Such an improvement on the harsh wetness of most lens solutions. However, like Love Monkey anything that you love is guaranteed to be quickly pulled from your life.

In comes the stupid fungus (story). Evidently because some people in Singapore don't know how to wash their hands, the product had to be pulled and now I have to live a life of optical discomfort. And there's no hope in site, just a bunch of empty shelves await me every time I go to look for some MoistureLoc solution.