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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Stupid Fungus

I finally found a brand of contact lens solution that I loved! This stuff was perfect, nice and smooth, no rubbing required, very moist. My eyes actually felt better after putting in my contacts than before. Such an improvement on the harsh wetness of most lens solutions. However, like Love Monkey anything that you love is guaranteed to be quickly pulled from your life.

In comes the stupid fungus (story). Evidently because some people in Singapore don't know how to wash their hands, the product had to be pulled and now I have to live a life of optical discomfort. And there's no hope in site, just a bunch of empty shelves await me every time I go to look for some MoistureLoc solution.


Sarah said...

Hey! My fabulous contact lens solution also disappeared off the shelf. It was called Clear Care and made by CIBA (?) I wonder if it was related?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sounded like the perfect solution for you...too bad, since you've always been such a "fun-guy" to be with. Hey, Hey, Hey! You can always go back to glasses, and make a spectacle of yourself! You'd be Frameous! You could be a "vision"-ary! (If that opticles your fancy...)
I've got an old pair that I could lens you! Bye-bifocal now, Eye gotta go!