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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Latest Casualty in the War on Drugs: My Nose

This week I've pretty much been wiped out by some sort of cold, it started with a phlegmy congestion at the base of my nose and top of my throat. Then it started migrating up into my sinuses and is now thoroughly lodged in my nose. No retreat can be forced by using Mucinex, no respite comes from pain killers, and using Day Quill is not even productive...but why is Day/Night Quill not productive? That stuff used to totally wipe out whatever the heck it was put your world back right. The reason Day Quill now sucks turns out is because it no longer contains the essential ingredient Sudafed (Pseudoephedrine). Instead, some time a few years ago they switched ingredients to the lamest, most placebo drug I've ever taken for my sinuses Phenylephrine. So why on earth would you take a great drug that actually helps and castrate its potency by inserting some overpriced placebo? Turns out because of the ever so great War on Drugs. Or rather, because of the lobbyists that sucked up to the right people in Washington claiming that people feeling better was a drastic problem for our nation.

Or to Quote this article:
...Consider this amazing coincidence. The main company that stands to benefit from a law—passed in the name of the patriotic war on drugs—that effectively marginalizes in main competition and gives a boost to its inferior product spent millions in lobbying and campaign donations in the very year that the law was passed. There is no record of any substantial spending before the push for the law began, and spending has been declining since the law passed.

Once again, all Americans are made to suffer because of 2 groups of people: The idiots and those who enjoy being made afraid of everything. It pisses me off. Yes, I can still get the right medicine, it's not totally banned, but there's no reason I should be treated like some meth-addict when I just want to relieve my stuffy nose. There's no good reason why all the things that used to work were reformulated to suck. I just wish we could round up the idiots, make a new country called Absurdistan out of the Nevada desert and take all the panicy people in America and put them in the red states, that way they don't have to move and can keep enjoying their current policy of removing freedoms to increase security.