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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Grossest Thing Ever!

Note: This is NOT for the squeemish at heart. Literally, this is probably the grossest thing I've ever seen/heard of and what's worse is that it's real! Yuck.

Here are a few more links in case you're interested in the medical side of things:
Fetus In Fetu: A Case Report and Literature Review

An interesting thing to think about with this is how does all of this apply to the theory of people having souls from the moment they are conceived? This is more developed than a few day old fetus, so are the doctors committing murder by removing it?

"Facial and cranial structures also are uncommonly seen, yet eyes, ears, mouth and poorly organized brain and cerebellum have been observed"

Monday, August 14, 2006

My Kind of Racing

One thing that's always hacked me off is how rules are put into place to taint the sport of car racing (Latest). It seems like no class is exempt. Somebody makes a technological breakthrough and then rules are created to keep them from winning...that's crap.

What I would like to see is a serious league of competitive car races where the rules are minimized to a few small points like this:

You must:
  • Have 4 wheels
  • Use only one set of tires for the whole race
  • Not use more than a pre-set amount of fuel*
  • Have a human driver
    • Provide adequate protection for the driver at the vehicle's full speed.
  • Drive like a bat out of hell
Rules that wouldn't exist:
  • Downforce limitations (see Formula1)
  • Intake restrictions
  • Weight limits
  • Engine size limits (will be somewhat self limiting)
  • Speed limits
  • Rev limiters
  • Vehicle dimension limits
  • Cylinder limitations
  • Fuel tank limits
  • NASCAR's No Right-Hand Turns rule
  • Tire manufacturer limitations
  • Other arbitrary non-written rules (see NASCAR)
That's it. Nice and simple. Let the manufacturers decide what works best for them, anybody's invited. The only other rule might be some spending limit so that you can make sure smaller companies can compete.

*There would be a Maximum Fuel-Energy Limit
For example in 1 gallon of gas there are about 150,000 BTUs. Start the league rules at requiring 25 mpg [~6000 BTUs per Mile]) for the race. That way if you have a 500 mile race you get 20 gallons (3,000,000 BTUs) of gas max.

Having an energy limit rather than a gas/diesel requirement would open the field to any alternative fuels that wanted to compete, particularly those with lower weight/energy ratios.