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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Before E, Except After C?

So I asked Keith if he fancied reigniting either science or ancient policies regarding the leisurely use of caffiene and codein.  This led to a feisty discussion about conterfeit foreign species of Rottweilers, their height quite surfeit, albeit less than a heifer.  Perhaps this being caused by a weird protein created by scientific efficiencies funded by the seeing of the research by a financier?

Alright, I'll stop before my subconscience sends me into a sufficient Reveille VI.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Goodbye Old Friend

I just found out that my favorite author of my teenage years, Michael Crichton, died today of cancer.

I know it's cheesy to say, but I've never felt sad about a celebrity dying until now. Crichton had always been a bit of a role model for me. He was really tall. He went to Harvard Medical School (I really wanted to be a doctor). And the ideas and concepts that he penned were such an intricate stitching of current fact and future possibility, often mired in potential disaster. I spent a good many days in bed, pouring over his works old and new fascinated by the stories he created, but even moreso fascinated by the opening window of possibilities that he saw.

Crichton made the world an amazing place, where the incredible was just a little stretch further out, but warned us all that if we do not fully understand something, then we should be careful when trying to exploit it.

Goodbye old friend and hero. I hope one day we get to meet again for the first time.

Way to Stay Classy Fox

Headline image on Fox News the morning after the election:

Headline read in the order that your eyes naturally take you:
Obama, A World of Trouble, He Savors Victory.

Seriously Fox News, you couldn't hide your disdain any better than behind some blatant suggestiveness of your graphics? This is plain childish.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yes We Will!

For the first time since I've been a voter I can finally say that the candidate that I voted for won, and won big.  I'm so happy, this is the first time in years that I can look at the letters USA and feel pride in who we are and what we can do as a country.

Tonight was one of the few nights where I felt like we really saw the best in people*.  McCain's speech was eloquent, kind and respectful.  It represented everything that I was sad this election lacked from him.  It was the first time he showed his heart, and in it you saw a good man and not an angry old person.  If only he had been that way the whole election instead of being a pawn of the Republican party, then this might have actually been a close race.

As for Obama's  I hope that we can become the country that he sees.  I'm blown away by statements showing real appreciation for his call from McCain, understanding that the US isn't alone in this world, pointing out how we can make our country better, and setting guiding principles for how we can take this country forward into the next 100 years. 

Now I am looking forward to seeing how the Obama administration is going to be pulled together, I think he will pull together some of the finest moderate minds that this country has ever seen and will actually respond rather than react to things going on in this world.  The only part that scares me though is the number of pardons and crap that the Bush administration is going to run through on the way out.  People that are criminals on both the governmental and business sides of the coin in all the crap that has happened this decade will simply skate away with Billions in blood money and a pardon in their pocket.

With this election finally our nation can move forward.  Finally we are no longer in the stagnation of a lame duck president & congress.  Finally we can take the steps that have been needed for so many years and begin moving forward to reassert ourselves not as a great power, but as a nation that is great.

God Bless the USA and I commend you on the decision you made tonight.

*Except the booing scumbags at John McCain's speech...what a bunch of loosers...must have been the Palin supporters.