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Monday, March 27, 2006

What I Wish I Did

Before I gave up on my future and hit the cold reality of the real world, this is what I hoped to actually do. Maybe I shouldn't give up?

So incredibly awesome. So much potential. And you actually make people's LIVES better. So cool.


Anonymous said...

You want to lop off your arms and become a cyborg?



Anonymous said...

I remember similar dreams of a boy long ago. Why not call them and see if they have an opening for a great bio-medical engineer?

Anonymous said...

Mega-Dittos on what "Mom" just said! The older you get, the harder it gets to make a break and pursue what thrills your soul. My personal recommendation...Check into it, find out what it takes, if it really sounds like what you have imagined it would be like; and, if so, well...GOFERIT!...If you don't, you might spend the rest of your life kicking yourself for not having at least tried to grab a dream when you had the chance. Even if it means a move to parts unknown, less pay, more expenses, etc. - it's worth it to do what your heart has desired to achieve. Don't up & quit your current job until you have a viable offer that makes good sense to you; but if & when it looks like what you've dreamed of...GOFERIT!!... It would sure be a fine way to make your mark on the world in a terrific positive way. You are capable of great things...And you CAN do this if you want to. Make a pros & cons list to compare whether or not you ought. This does sound like something more in line with your abilities than the Sea-Eye-Yay job you thought about in the past (I was a bit dubious of that aspiration, to be honest...) Also, I did see this report earlier this week on CNN Headline news...When I saw it, I thought that it was something you could have had a hand in developing...Pretty amazing stuff, with so much potential for even greater techno-prosthetic inventions. Give it a good hard look. Ask "her" about what she thinks (could she deal with where this kind of work might take you?), and most of all, ask of the Lord Thy God what He thinks about this as part of His plan for your life...pray about it intensely, and expect His answer to follow. I shall also pray that His will may be soon revealed to you in this matter. GBU!
...This is of course if I take this blog-of-the-week entry at serious face value (which I have done); and considering that Evans has not hit upon what you were really thinking when you read this inspiring article...Because you'd make a goofy-looking C3PO!!