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Monday, May 23, 2005

Wadders Will Be Welcomed!

Thru various pipelines some individuals determined that they needed to put an end to my crusade against waddage, so they bought me a case of toilet paper. Yes, a case.

If past patterns are representative of future trends, then that means I should have enough toilet paper to last on my own until October of 2010.

Needless to say I could use a little help getting rid of it all. So if you or a 'friend' are in need of some wonderful Double-Quilted Northern, then I'm the person you need to see.

And to those wondering how you determine your friends/families usage needs, I tend to think that you can group those using your facilities into 2 categories: Number One Users and Number Two Users.

It tends to be easy to figure out which individuals fit into which categories at which times.
  1. Number One Users leave less obvious traces of their use.
  2. Number Two Users tend to leave more signs behind and when a Number Two User is also a wadder then a significant reduction of past levels of supplies is noted.
Fortunately there are NO hidden cameras, so guest need not be alarmed. There is a fancy radio from walmart though, so they can listen to music...and some matches and a candle for a more soothing atmosphere.

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