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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Two Dozen

Well, today is the day. I'm finally as old as I feel. The magic age is 24. I'm pretty excited about this one. I've actually liked all of my birthdays for the last few years.
- 20 Nobody can call you a teenager anymore.
- 21 You get to drink, star in dirty movies, and I went to Disney Land.
- 22 It's a numerical palindrome...and we all know how much I like palindromes, or should I say "palindromesemordnilap".
- 23 Sequential digits, and I got to do "Cake Upside the Head" at camp.
- 24 Add the first number to itself and stick it on the end, sequential even-numbers, also two dozen for these people who like base 12 systems.
Most importantly though I turned 24 on the 24th. It's the first and last time that will ever happen, go me!
- 25 This is 1/4 of a hundred, insurance goes down (no more "Hey, would you like to pay $6000 per year for insurance? Yeah, we know you've never been in an accident or gotten a ticket, it's just fun to have you give us lots of money for no reason!)
- 26 I think this will be my first irrelevant birthday since 19...I guess it's like being 13 twice, man I hated being 13.

There are a couple of things that are a little weird. When I was a kid my mom told me I couldn't get married until I was 23. So in some ways I feel like I should be married by now. Fortunately that hasn't happened yet, cause I still need to grow up. Still, it's interesting to think that I thought by 23 or 24 I would be 'all grown up'. I'm definitely not that. I just thought that life would be so certain by this point in my life. I thought I'd know it all and have a clear direction. I don't. But it's cool because I'm liking the direction that things are moving and I think it's exciting to have a breath of newness in everything I do. Life is an exciting thing and something I hope I never think I've mastered.

This birthday was one of the best I've ever had. It really makes me happy to hear my friends say "Happy Birthday". I know they're just two tiny words that seem cliche, but they really mean so much. Those words make you feel special inside, like people are happy for you just cause you're you. And that's what I think people really want from relationships, to know that they're liked for just being themselves. So to all of you who sent a card, typed something on the Facebook, left a message on IM, sent me an interoffice communication, left me a message on my phone, took me out for a meal even though I was full, or just said "Happy Birthday" to my face...Thank You!

Friends are what make this life worth living. So to those of you who are such, just wanna say thanks.

For those of you who didn't say anything, that's cool too. I tend to keep encroaching B-Days on the, I probably don't know yours either so we're still cool.

Song of the Night:
Twenty-Four by Switchfoot


Anonymous said...

happy (belated) birthday!

i'd feel bad, but you didn't tell me. you should tell everybody when your birthday is, and then we'd know!

welcome to 24. you are as many years old as there are hours in the day.

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday! And you are so right about 26.