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Friday, May 20, 2005

By Request

Total Volume of Music on My Computer
12.76 Gigabytes...hopefully one day I'll own it all too! Until then there's Ares

The Last CD I Bought
pearl jam - rearviewmirror

I think I need a date with Cheapo soon

Song Playing Right Now
"The Sound of Silence" by Lack of Vibrating Particles
"Whine of the Fan" by My Computer

I'm on a bit of a sound sabatical this evening. Or in the words of Mikeward, I needed some "Me Time".

Five Songs I Listen to a Lot, or that Mean a Lot to Me
-Click on the links for the whole song!-
The Blowers Daughter by Damien Rice
Green and Grey by Nickel Creek
See You Soon by Coldplay
Love Somebody Like You by Keith Urban
Motorcycle Driveby by Third Eye Blind

Some of them are significant, others are just within the top 5 according to iTunes

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Anonymous said...

motorcycle driveby is a fantastic song.