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Sunday, May 08, 2005


That's right folks! I got a promotion at work! Normally I don't like to talk about work here due to instances such as Duece's, but this time I'm hopefully I'll keep my job. Anyways, I'm moving teams tomorrow and moving into a group that really has some of my favorite people in the department. Really looking forward to the new work. It will be more work and I'll be busier, but it's really a great step in the line of what I want to do with this company. Should put me in good position to make my next career move, and I should learn a lot.

Normally on Sunday nights I get all reflective, contemplate my existence and try to somehow create some sort of logic as to why I should move to somewhere else in this world. Tonight is no different. Fortunately for you though, you're going to be spared my thoughts on such things as why my life is like a ship on the ocean with rudders, sails, compasses, and blind drivers. Consider yourself lucky. It was a great analogy, but it breaks down quickly, and I don't feel like explaining it.

So instead here are some random thoughts that should keep you going for awhile:
  • "Those who cuss are either too dumb to think or something smarter to say, or too impatient." ~My Dad
  • My Grandma was completely nice for an entire visit...2nd time in history!
  • Got to hang out with my little sister this weekend.
  • If you try to set speed records when bowling your arm will hurt the next day.
  • A 13 lbs ball traveling at 20.5 mph has 257 Joules of energy if you ignore rotational energy.
  • Mountain biking is only fun if you know how to change gears.
  • The most peaceful thing in the world is to wake up to it raining outside on a Sunday.
  • I'm only going to have cable for 1 more month...after May sweeps, I'm out. No more Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, Lost, Alias, or The OC. That is until September or so. Savings? ~$250
  • I haven't vacuumed in 5 months
  • And Finally: Never empty your trash can near your toothbrush.

    Dave said...

    I've gone a about a year without cable. The shows you mentioned for the most part on network, you should be able to pick up reruns just fine in Austin

    martha said...

    the last one is my favorite.

    Anonymous said...

    one time, i rode a bike, and i didn't (and still don't) know how to change gears. now i have a scar on my knee. i hit a parked pickup truck.