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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Thanks a lot

So I like questionaires, and I heard the one on eHarmony was a lot of fun and pretty accurate. Well, it was accurate...I think. But then after seeing my profile I went to search for "My Matches" and I was told this, "There are currently no matches for you to manage."

Not that I wanted to manage anything, but it's kinda cool to know that my future wife doesn't waste her time on the internet like I do. Alright, time for bed.


Anonymous said...

yup. that's cause everybody's on myspace these days...

or is it passe already? i can never tell.

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't loose heart, I took that test like 8 months ago and it said that my answers were too inconsistent to match!!! So I basically FAILED a personality test and was found unfit for dating, but 8 months later I am happy as a clam!! So what does eharmony know

Otis said...

Why do people think clams are happy? Is it cause they have tough shells and are cold all the time?

I'm glad to see you found a match though...maybe one day I'll find a guy named Jeremy too!