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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Things People Saw

I can't believe that this was really advertised as a Valentine's Day movie! Last year I thought advertising The Notebook was retarded...this just exceeds those boundaries and blows them away.

...Such sickos

On a side note, I'm really hacked that Love Monkey has been put on hiatus (thanks Amy). It's the best show on TV right now, I can't believe they would cancel it. The good news though is that I heard Wayne's song on the radio yesterday...let's hope that it at least helps his career. The show kicks butt, and like Sex and the City it will take a long time for its greatness to be appreciated. Man, I hate CSI, NCIS, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and all those other moronic autopsy/lawyer/different-city-same-plot shows. Give me some content, some real content. Scrubs is the most insightful show on TV right now, followed by Gray's Anatomy. Both of those are doing really well...just give Love Monkey a chance!

I think Judy Greer is Andrea's Celebrity Look-Alike; except Andrea has better curves. Let me know if you've found a better look-alike.

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Anonymous said...

That picture at the top looks like a "Redneck Manicures" advertisement. At least they counted correctly (two...probably about as high as they could go).
You're still desperate for entertainment if you watch ANY network shows - Bleeeeecccchhhh! on them ALL! Better to watch grass grow or paint peel or a thermometer move. Or get out a bit more...something! Sad to see you go APE over "Love Monkey?!"
About the celebrity look-a-like:
YOU got the pretty one, and without all the Hollywood/Fame hang-ups that come as baggage. That Judy Greer gal just wishes that she had what Andrea has. Count your blessings, dude! Next time you get tempted to watch a dopey TV show, call your A-girl and listen to her, or both of you go watch the grass grow somewhere.