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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


You know, even if you win, you'll still be a luger.


Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't you want to be a luger? - Then you could take a shot at shooting you mouth off; or you could be a real pistol! (Bode Miller MUST be a luger.)

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's better than being a "lunger" (see the movie "Tombstone"*), or a looper (nutcase), or a booger (it snot really), or a Pfluger (someone from just northeast of Austin), or a lugger (day-laborer), or a burger (someone you don't want to meat), or a mugger (take that!), or a cougar (undergraduate type from U.of Houston - nobody WE know, right?), or a sugar (real sweetie), or surely not a fubar (acronym for *****)!!! - which, if you participate in the illustrated sport, you will likely end up as!

*antiquated term for someone dying of consumption (T.B.)