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Sunday, February 12, 2006

J.B. Weld

Thanks to Tim for the serious bonding. It’s great to have people around like you that I can call my friend.

I’d say more, but that’s the awesome thing about being a guy...nothing else needs to be said.


timothygrimes said...

Anytime dude.

Amy said...

Augh! Would the two of you quit it?

Anonymous said...

Y'all gunna make a movie outta it? - like Brokeback Hill Country? or The Midnight Pushboy?...I don't think this is what Tammy Wynette meant when she sang, "Stand By Your Man" (...please, not so close, dude!...) Heck, I'll buy a ticket to see it....NOT!!

Anonymous said...

Does "she" know about this sudden turn of events? I've seen Tim..."She" is a lot better looking; no offense intended, Tim.