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Monday, February 14, 2005

Are They Too Old/Young for Me?

Let me start by saying I think Valentine's Day is one of the lamest days on the entire Gregorian Calendar. Okay, it's cool that people want to share their affection towards one another, it's great that people like the color red, I can even forgive people thinking that a heart is a nice pretty shape instead of a lump of muscle or the fact that people think swans are nice loving birds even though they are mean and angry. But one thing I can't look past is how over commercialized everything is. Does anybody really want to buy The Notebook on DVD? No. Or worse the DJs this morning that had a wedding ceremony planned and were trying to force this guy to propose to his girlfriend. Seriously people, that's just wrong! I don't need to buy a Lexus this Valentines, I don't need to run out and get a diamond tennis bracelet to "Tell her that I love her," I don't need to listen to the greatest romantic hits of all time, I don't want a blanket, funny balloons, a new washing machine, the best HD TV setup, or any of that other crap. C'mon people, just tell the person that you love them and prove it by not just spending your life thinking about what you something for them and don't just do it today!

But enough ranting, let's have a little fun. So here is an issue that plagues people particularly once they leave the bubble containing only 18-22 year olds; which most people call college. For those in the real world the thoughts cross our mind, how old are they? Should I be going for that? Is that even legal? Yes it's sad but first off girls are hard to figure out. In the words of the sage Chris Rock, "If she says she's 26, and looks 16, she's 12. If she says she's 26, and looks 26, she's damn near 40." Alas some of us need a less ambiguous gauge for how to tell so, courtesy of the guys around me at work, I bring you.

Mathematical Solution to Find Out If You Should Date Them:
//Formula applies only to those out of college and without children
int ItsCool = 1;
int ItsUnCool = 0;
boolean IsItCool;

int HisAge;
int HerAge;

HisAge = prompt('What is his age');
HerAge = prompt('What is her age');

(HisAge)/2 + 7 >= (HerAge)
(HisAge)*11/10 =< (HerAge)
Then (IsItCool = ItsCool)
(IsItCool = UnCool)
return IsItCool;

Example A
Question: Let's say I am 24. What ages can I date?

24/2 + 7 >= 19 AND 24*11/10 =< 25.3

Answer: Anybody between 19 and 25.3 years old.

Example B
Question: If I'm at my physical peak at 28 who can I date?

28/2 + 7 >= 21 AND 28*11/10 =< 30.8

Answer: Anybody between 21 and 31 years old.

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