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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Life in the Fast Lane

Speaking of Corvettes...

The other day I was headed to church and began my rather speedy trip to get there. Right as I'm about to change lanes to juke around a Honda Accord I have to abruptly reenter my lane. Racing up behind me and weaving thru traffic is a Corvette (not this kind) that is probably going around 95 to 100 mph (~155 kph). Since I am such a kind and gracious driver I let him pass and slowly watch him weave, dive, attack, slam on the brakes, swerve and pick his way down the highway and slowly he fades out of sight.

I take my exit to the church come to the light, and lo-and-behold there is the Corvette just a few cars ahead of me. Then I pull into the parking lot and see that they are going to try and park where everybody else tries. Which means that like a date with a nun...they weren't going to get any. Thinking it was funny that these people were going to church I slowly walk my way in (or quickly if your legs are as long as hers), sit down and begin to worship. About 5 minutes later I see this couple from the Corvette walk on in.

Sometimes I think it's rather amusing how we race from place to place, but that one poor decision (usually motivated by selfishness or impatience) can slow us down so that all of the extra effort we put into going quickly is even more quickly negated. I took my time and got there sooner than the people in the Corvette. I guess it's a little bit of the story of the tortoise and the hare, but it seems like there's more to it than just that. Then again, maybe it's just a story of one person doing one silly thing. If only I could say that I've never been the man in the Corvette and harmfully racing towards things that would be just as well achieved with a relaxed attitude.


timothygrimes said...

What about that crazy Ford driver that followed you to the moviie theater?

Anonymous said...

Alright, Grimes! That was me in the Ford there buddy - And I ain't crazy!! I was trying to get to "The Fast and the Furious" before the picture started, and after the commercials - this requires meticulous timing - and here was this Sunday-Driving dufus in a little gray Mazda station-wagon-lookin' thing travellin' like a blue-haired Grandma Moses goin' to a quilting-bee after church - Right in MY way - He wouldn't pull over or nuthin'! - I honked like goose in heat - ran up to his back bumper - revved my big old Ford 350liter 8-cylinder powerplant like a New Orleans Water-pump - And still the guy wouldn't careen into the nearest ditch to get outta My way!!! Man, what nerve, what gall, what rampant impoliteness he displayed! So - hay - what was I supposed to do? HUH?? Just what I had to do - Yeah Timmy-boy, you saw it, didn't you? Any time you think yer man enough to take ME and my Chevy-eater on, just gopher-it! See you on Research Bull-a-Vard, Buddy!!