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Thursday, October 20, 2005

I'm Famous!

Yeah, this post was started by my reading this article.

Good lordy that was a bad review.


Anonymous said...

Will you be signing a book deal anytime soon?

I believe it was Harper Collins who published the Amber Frey's harrowing tale of how she outed Scott Peterson.

Certainly the man who broke the Corvette reviewing case could sell as many copies, no??

Anonymous said...

Famous??...That doesn't even make 0.015 seconds of fame. Re: the Z06, that would make a good vehicle for a new "Chevy Chase" movie. So, like, I'm still waiting for an explanation of how this car(blah)g equates fame. I think you had more fame at "gig-em-U"...Please, set your sights a little higher for the "fame" moniker. Besides, who reads CNN blogs, much less watches their leftist-leaning news? (outside of austin & the left coast & Neo-England)???...As always, love & much respect! (in spite of any curmudgeonly-sounding comments from me.)

Anonymous said...

You know you won't be famous if you don't add something to your blog once in a while. Two weeks almost now since we had an entry to sneer at, Man! How're we gonna keep up with culture and wuz hap'nin' if'n ya doan rite sumpin? Come on, dude! Your public awaits, like, y'know?

Anonymous said...

Hey! Anita!! Where've you been for the past few years? Mama says you need to call her sometime, as she's still saving that piece of punkin' pie for you that you didn't finish about 3 or 4 thanksgivings ago - like she's wanting to clean out the fridge and this is really stopping her 'cause you know like she promised you she'd keep it for you until you came back for it. We've all been sitting around the house waiting for you to call or come by or something to let us know. Oh, yeah, you also got a half-drunk bottle of diet Big Red in there, too. Mama wants to know what you want her to do with it. Really, Anita, give her a call, you know its not like you ain't part of the family or nothing. We're all waiting for you!! Good to find out how to find you on Matt's Blaugh finally! Love and kisses and all that corny stuff.

Otis said...

Okay! I get the point, I need to make a new blog. Things have been really busy lately and my typical blog making time has been eaten by other activities. But I've got a few thoughts that are brewing and will stick them up on here when I get a chance.