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Sunday, October 02, 2005

T-Minus 2 Months

Until I can move out of my apartment.

Today I get home from Bible Study and I hear, "Help me. HELP ME!" At first I thought it was some kids (future needed blog, why children should get flogged if screaming for help when they don't need it), but then I realized it was a woman. I started jogging to where I thought I heard the sound coming from, and then I found the woman. Evidently I got there just in the nick of time to be almost useless. Her husband was beating her senseless just moments before.

My battery had just enough juice to call 911 before it died, the cops raced into the complex and drove past us. Fortunately I was able to chase him down and direct him in the right direction. The guy split long before they got there and is probably out somewhere thinking he's a good person for showing his wife what she needed to learn or whatever it is that worthless wifebeaters tell themselves to justify their actions.

The sad thing is only 2 other people even came out of their apartments. Both of which I know. One of them saw the whole thing once she started screaming and said that the guy was kicking her, hitting her and then started to drag her across the concrete. The happy couple has been married for 8 months. Oh yeah, and they're the people that share a wall with my bedroom. Oh yeah, and in her rage the woman said that he's under an alias and is actually a fugitive. And oh yeah, my apartment has no problem letting them move in.

Can anybody guess why I want to get a new place the minute my lease expires?

Seriously though. If you have a room for rent or if you know of a good apartment complex or duplex with at least 600 ft^2, under $525, and between Duval and Far West...then please let me know! I can't wait to move, cannot wait.


Dave said...

You would have totally used your "my nut's to your fist style."

Sweet suzy.

Otis said...

Unless I was a woman, then I would have had my hand chopped off. -Deut. 25:11

Anonymous said...

Major Kudos to you for being willing to get involved...brave, courageous, & I hoped you'd be when these things happen (and they do inevitably anywhere you live - but of course more often in low-budget apt. complexes!) Do exercise due caution, though, & leave yourself an exit for a hasty retreat if things look like they're getting out of hand. At least calling the Cops beats ignoring cries for help, & showing arriving officers just where the trouble is is great - as they usually get sketchy info from dispatchers. Call me for more handy-dandy tips on risking life & limb for total strangers and the consequences of their poor decision-making skills in life that frequently get them into most of these fixes....Anyway, you done good. Hope you find a less active crimescene to reside in soon. I'll be praying for you (harder than usual).