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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Work Convo

Team Leader: "How do you spell 'sine' as in sine wave?"

Me: "S-I-N-E"

Team Leader: "Not S-I-N? So what is S-I-N?"

Team Member: "It's sin. Which is what you live in every day!"


Anonymous said...

Hey! I want on the team...SINE me up!...Do I have to use SINE language?...Can you hurry-I'm sittin' here just SINE away...If we go on strike, do we carry SINES?...Do we use poison, like SINE-ide?...If we really get into computers, do we become SINE-borgs?...Can we have SINE-amon flavored candy?...Can we walk on the lawn, or must we stay on the SINE-walk?...If we work together, is that SINE-chronizing?...When we make something artificial, would it be SINE-thetic? (Did I put that in the correct SINEtax?)...You will want to hire me as I possess a SINE qua non, in order to occupy a SINEcure position of responsibility...Plus, I'm very strong and SINEwy.....Enough?...Okay, I'll now SINE off!!! Bye-Bye.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but isn't a sine wave what fans in a sports stadium do when they know the ESPN cameras are on them??