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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Road Rash

Evidently the people on this site are so dumb that their brains aren't even smart enough to protect themselves by wearing helmets.

Do you really want to date somebody that bright?


Anonymous said...

What the hey, they all look young and immortal! Maybe the site should be called "BikerKiss'! Well, we'll all have a great time watchin' emergency services scrape 'em off the asphalt; and, wow, then we can watch our tax dollars go towards patching them up and MHMR services trying to help unscramble their brains (over easy, please!) for the rest of their lives...way too cool! Maybe then we can all visit the newest websites, "" or "" Or how about a chance to put that bio-medical major to work by developing a line of replacement hides to cover them raw sinew & muscle tissues left exposed when the members of the careless riders club donated their epidermis to TexDOT's red-road coating project. Yeah, then they can choose a whole new complexion or ethnic heritage! - Hey, gang, there's millions to be made here for the first one to U.S. Patent Office (kind of like a whole body toupee, eh?)... Anyway, who'd want to sign up with a biker's dating service with the masthead picturing a bunch of cautious self preserving protected dudes & gals - just doesn't get those "Born to be Wild" hormones moving about. 'Nuff said?

Anonymous said...

When they fall off and go boom, do they log onto

Andrea said...

I like how this site has pictures of people on Harleys and mopeds, but no sport bikes. I guess sport bikers really are the scum of the biker world. That's really sad to be ranked below a mopeder.