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Monday, September 26, 2005

Expect Delays

This is verbatim of what I saw on a TxDOT sign on Northbound 183 here in Austin this weekend.

Um...okay, cause that helps when I'm headed towards Abilene!

In news of other stupid stuff, check out this. I saw this as the main headline for CNN this evening.


Andrea said... that like warshing?

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm trying this at your suggestion... So, maybe the Calif N.G.'s are trying to get some Cafe DuMond & Begnai's, but they just can't figure out where they warshed away to... BTW, I'm certain that "warlking" is what you do in a combat zone when you carry an M-16 (or is it that cautious kind of stepping you do when you do your warlk throo doo-doo-&-goo, yahoo!). Toodle-oo!

Anonymous said...

did you know there's a hurricane named after you?

Anonymous said...

I KNEW if I waited long enough the world would agree with me and say warsh instead of wash!


Anonymous said...

BTW: It's obvious that "warlk" is merely a typo mis-spelling for "warlike" which is what the Calif.N.G.'s look like as they patrol the strife-torn streets of Baghdad, er, I mean N'awlins! (Man, like, can't a guy get a burger around here anywhere?) Didn't CNN report that the CA.N.G.'s shot holes in the levee so that they could have the French Quarter to themselves? -or was that Al-Jazeera?