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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Next Step, Sub-Machine Gun

I just had to write a quick blurb on here. Today I had the chance to go out and shoot guns for the first 'real' time. It was great, I learned how to shoot a pistol with deadly precision. Okay, you may be safe from a long ways off, but I was pretty happy with how closely clustered all of my shots were. In addition to pistols though, I also got to shoot one of the best guns in the world, the M-16 Carbine. This assault rifle is the main choice of the Marines...and now I know why, cause it's fun! The gun was almost too easy to aim and hit the target over and over again. Lastly, we got to shoot a .308 sniper rifle. My friends was saying he's going to get a sub-machine gun that we can try towards the end of the month, that should be really fun. Yeah, so we got to do pretty much everything, it was a blast, and now I can't wait till I too get to have a standoff with the government in my Montana ranch...wait no, I don't want to do that. Nevertheless, guns can be fun if not aimed at living things.

I hate writing papers. I know my prof doesn't want to read all 3500 words, so why does he assign that many!?!

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Dave said...

Montana ranches are fun. I'd like to have one.