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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Reality is more exciting than fiction

The deeds men (or women) do astound me. The fact that some people risk their lives for a dream, or that others hold steadfastly to their convictions regardless of the costs just amazes me. I have so much respect for people that live a life that they consider to have meaning derived from outside themselves. But what is it that I'm living for? What can I do to start sending my life in this direction? Or is it already headed in such a direction? Would I be willing to give my life for God, Country, or even a friend? I hope I never get put to the test, but I would like to think that I could for the first two without the last would depend upon which friend you're talking about.

Summer has been pretty hectic for me. My classes are having a LOT more reading than I thought they would and I'm really struggling to keep caught up with everything. But fortunately I think I'll be caught up soon. The actual collecting is fascinating. I'm taking one course on Military Strategy and we just discuss old battles and what was done right and wrong. It's really amazing and interesting to see how some people get caught because they are unwilling to change the paradigm of their thinking. My other class is just an edge of your seat thriller on Espionage. Learning what various countries have done to one another and getting a closer look at what's generally hidden from public view. The reading for that class is like reading a fiction novel. I can't believe that some of those things are true, and the fact that they are just makes me want to tip my hat to some people...or tip my bazooka(assuming I had one) at others.

Outside of school life...well, there's not really too much of that. Once reading is done, I get to do one thing per night, and then it's time to study some more. It's busy, but that's the way life should be and I'm glad of it.

Anyways, the night is getting late and I need to wake up a little earlier tomorrow than I have prior days this week.

Classroom Quotes:
"If you bring a knife to a gunfight, you're going home in a body bag." -J.R. Starch
"I'll swear on a stack of bibles." -J.R. Starch


Michael said...

What is this course you're taking, and how can I sign up? Hello, it's me again, the stranger who keeps on asking you personal questions. Someone's got to do it though, your blog has captured my imagination. And I'm bored.

Is this course part of your camp training or something else, like a summer course? University and college is finished here for Canadian students, were all enjoying the summer. But I wouldn't mind sitting inside for another month learning about espionage...

Anonymous said...

I found your postings by doing a Google search for J.R. Starch -- I think we're old friends. Anyway you can help me get in touch with him? Erika

Otis said...

Erika, If you give me some of your info or how you know him, then I might be able to have him get into contact with you. Email me at