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Friday, June 11, 2004

Need for a Moment of Lucidity

Today I sat around and just felt out of my element. Do you ever feel like there's something you should be saying but aren't? Some question you should ask, but it isn't there? Some person that you should talk to, but you don't know who? That's how I felt all day. I guess I need more sleep or need to get more caught up in school, or who knows. It's not that I'm really worrying, it's more that I just felt dumb, like things were whizzing by me today and that I didn't care...I don't like that.

So this weekend I'm going to try to catch up on school, but also take some time to just talk with the God and ask him what he wants me to do. Why is it that when things are busiest and we need Him most that we deny God our time? I wish it weren't so, but it's the perpetually repeating story of my life. I can't wait for a little more calm, a little less stress, and a little more time out in the sun. But until then, I hope that with his help I can excel and learn and show others his love thru my actions towards them.

In coming news, I'm going to go home for a bit this weekend, should be good to visit the family. Then coming back to watch "Big Otis" play in concert...I don't care about his music, but I REALLY want a shirt or something. Then on Sunday I'm going to work 'security' for George H.W. Bush's skydiving escapades to celebrate his 80th birthday. And maybe if I'm luck I'll get to meet him again.

Tidbit of the day:
Did you know that Nena Hagen's "99 Luftballons (99 Red Balloons)" is actually about CIA propaganda that was spread to eastern Europeans during the Cold War?
Learn More Here:

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