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Monday, July 23, 2007

CNN/YouTube Democratic Debate

I was just watching the CNN/YouTube Democratic Debates, and I just saw the best debate question ever posed.

As a whole the candidates cracked me up. When asked about global warming they all agreed that it was real and dangerous. Then when asked about their travel plans all but 1 of the candidates admitted to taking a private jet.

When talking about schools they tell us that we need to trust in public schools. Then when asked where they sent their children over 1/2 of them provided some sort of excuse as to why their children went to private schools. Why not just admit that private schools are better and you took advantage of the opportunities presented to you?

Here's my overview of the candidates:
  • Kucinich - He really believes what he says. While I may not agree with him, I respect him.
  • Clinton - Too polished. Will probably end up with the nomination though because of her rehearsed answers to everything.
  • Obama - Charismatic, but not quite as smooth on his feet as necessary.
  • Biden - Reminds me of old-college fraternity person from the north east...will never make it and has some bad ideas while trying to take more credit than he deserves.
  • Dodd - Not pretty enough. Mediocre ideas, but nothing new.
  • Edwards - has a fighting chance. Nothing unique, but not as detestable as Hillary.
  • Gravel - My favorite candidate by far. Proponent of the fair tax and school competition, didn't pander to emotions in his answer...basically no way in hell he'd get the Dem nomination because he actually tries to think.
Here's another fun question while we're at it:
Remy's Question on Taxes: YouTube/CNN Debates


Anonymous said...

Granted, I'm probably not voting for Democratic nominee, but this YouTube thing is just silly. I understand the same will be done at the upcoming Republican debate--won't watch that one either.

Why don't they just have a debate on VH1 or MTV? They'll get the same intellectual depth.

Also, I'm sympathetic to the "Fair Tax."

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with Mike above... The youtube questions were real, as in, representative of the way real americans think. Some funny, some serious, some inflammatory, some softballs. The politicians are the ones that disappoint with the same old-same old.

As for the candidates themselves, I'm not going to comment. But I think you missed one in your list... Richardson, I believe?

Unknown said...

Ha! Frosty's son is cute! And he would would be delicious in a paper cone with some coconut syrup.