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Monday, July 09, 2007


Yesterday marks the first anniversary of my marriage to the Wife. The hardest part to believe is the cliché response of how quickly everything has gone. Last year was such fun with all of the wedding stuff going on, getting to visit with lots of friends, creating an event that truly represented who we are and what we wanted.

The past year in review has been one of the best in my life; full of joy, laughter, and fulfillment, excitement, adventure, newness, passion, frugality, and satisfaction. I really don’t know what else I could ask for.

Life with the Wife has been great. I’ve learned so much about her, about myself and about what we want for our lives and how we wish to grow. The best part is too that things are just starting. We’re finally getting settled into the role of spouse, confidant, lover and friend; and things are going along incredibly smoothly. In fact, many people warned us that the first year of marriage was by far the hardest and that things will get easier from here on out. I really don’t know how things could get easier, it’s been great.

What’s fun is now that we’re settled into our roles we’re starting to figure out what some of our goals are for the future and who/what we really want to be and be willing to take some of the steps that will get us closer. One great book that I would really recommend to any couple would be the book Smart Couples Finish Rich by David Bach. While the word ‘rich’ is in the title, it’s not all about money. It’s about making sure that your life is headed in the right direction to help you become what you want to be and centering your life around the values that make up who you are and not around the things you want to buy (one of the biggest problems for most Americans).

So one year in review I would say that marriage to the right person is one of the greatest choices you could ever make. I’m so happy that I’m with the person that I found. Wife, I couldn’t ask for more and I look forward to more slow Saturday mornings, trips to new places, dinners at home, uncorking bottles of wine, hikes through the park with the puppy, motorcycle rides on back country roads, mornings in the coffee shop, reading together on the couch, cuddling up for a movie together, helping you reach things on top shelves, making sure you are squeaky clean, creating stories about strangers’ lives, explaining mathematical/scientific concepts, learning about HR nuances, camping trips, reading labels in search of glutens, working out together, and feeling the closeness of you for years to come.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, talk about time going by quick, it sure has been a year...So sorry, Ah plumb fergot tuh wish y'all a happy 1st anniversary... Heartened to hear that your first year has been relatively smooth, all things involved. Speaking for myself, it only gets sweeter with time - BUT, you can't get complacent or take it for granted... Serving her wishes can be fun, and it is well returned in kind (just as long as you don't act like you're expecting it to). Nineteen years for us now and it is the only way to go (I've never seen the humor in marriage jokes, BTW, they just don't register with me) - I have NO complaints whatsoever. Wouldn't trade HER for anything-period (which of course causes me to be unable to imagine being un-married: Yucky thought, no Mrs. O. so I won't think it...)... Anyway, please forgive my senility for overlooking a more timely HURRAH! and hearty CONGRATULATIONS!! on the occaision of your Special Day. (We do still owe you big time for a dinner out somewhere, soon, maybe?....hint, hint.) Keep up the fine & fun exercise of mutual unity!!! Way to Go!