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Thursday, August 23, 2007

General Tso

Today at lunch I was having a delicious bowl of General Tso's Chicken and I thought, "If I could go back in time and do one thing it would be to tell General Tso 'Thank You' because his food is awesome!"

But then I thought. Is that really the one thing I would do if I could go back in time? So I decided to make a list and see what some of your desires would be.

If you could go back in time and do, see, experience something what would it be?

Keep in mind we have to avoid making weird rifts in the space-time continuum, so no picking things like, "I'd keep Lincoln from being assassinated." or "Kill Hitler." Or "I'd use genetic engineering to make sure Henry the VII (I am) had a son." Or "I'd tell my great-grandfather to go ahead and buy those sand dunes in what's now Newport ALL of them." Hopefully you get the idea altering anything*.

Here's my partial list of non-historically-significant-things-I-would-like-to-do-and-can't-do-in-today's-world:
  1. Tell General Tso, "Thank you"
  2. Meet Jesus, between ages 12 and 30
  3. Rub the real Buddha's belly
  4. Travel with Louis and Clark and discover North America
  5. Actually see the Wonders of the World
  6. ...still thinking

*And don't try to Butterfly Effect me by saying you couldn't do anything without changing the future, this is hypothetical.


Anonymous said...

'Meet Jesus' was mine, but you can have it, too. Here's one:

Watch Michaelangelo paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Anonymous said...

I would also say, "meet Jesus", except for the unshakable reality that I am not worthy of such an honor, same with God's Hall-of-Famers (Heb. 11), apostles, etc. I will just praise Him eternal for allowing me into His Kingdom at all. "I can only imagine" - being humbled, quiet, & grateful for His Gift....
Historical visitation? Well, I'd be strongly inclined to want to get a look-see at a few places in the Old West, around 1876-1892, such as Bodie, Columbia, Yosemite, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Hangtown, Angel's Camp, Moke Hill, Sonora, California; Prescott, Tucson, Tombstone, Arizona; Lincoln, Mogollon, Las Vegas, New Mexico; Waco, San Antonio, Ft. Worth, Texas; Ft. Smith, Eureka Springs, Arkansas; Dodge City, Abilene, Wichita, Coffeyville, Kansas; Virginia City, Nevada; Virginia City, Montana; Deadwood, South Dakota; Cripple Creek, Victor, Blackhawk-Central City areas, Leadville, Creede, Colorado; Ogallala, Nebraska; as well as various Army Forts & Battlefields (After-the-fact mind you)... This would keep me busy enough for all of my time-travellin'-time...Not for too long though, lest I succumb to the lack of modern food & medicine available. I would love (for a time) to travel by horse, stagecoach, and train of that era; maybe even meet some of the characters I've read about for so long!? Ah, no TV, phones, toys, plastic, computers, radios, new-fangled high-tech type of stuff, hectic pace of existence, etc! Just give me a big strong horse, saddle & tack, a Smith & Wesson Model 3 Scofield revolver & a Winchester (I've got my own clothing of the period), a pocketful of $20 gold coins & a saddle bag of silver dollars(to make needed food, transportaion, cartridges, room & board, etc. expenditures), and I'll be set!! Just to experience it all.....AAAAHHHHHhhhhh...
P.S. Seeing the 7 wonders would likely get you enslaved, visiting buddha & the general might get you killed, Lewis & Clark's expedition was a terrible ordeal, surviveable, but may well lessen your life-span (I'd never be up to it, but it would be the most exciting of your options!)...
Meanwhile, I'll just keep working, sleeping, eating, performing obligations, then repeating ad infinitum....Dream on, Y'all!!
...Shucks, maybe someone in the future would think it would be neat to come experience 2007 in Texas?...To meet us, to see how exciting our lives alledgedly were. Hope he wouldn't be disappointed, like I probably would be in the Old West....(How's that for realistic circular reasoning, eh?) Oops! Time to pinch myself and get back to work!

Anonymous said...

See the Beatles, live in concert.

Watch the pyramids being built.

See what the Great Depression was really like.

Otis said...

Great thought Kelly!

I think I need to add "See Jimi Hendrix Live" to the list.

As far as the Depression goes, I think we'll never really know what it was like. According to my grandpa, the depression wasn't nearly as bad as people will have you think it was. He always held several jobs and was able to eat. According to him, the biggest problem is that there was work, people just weren't willing to do most of it. However, that's in pretty sharp contrast to much of what you hear from 'historians' on the topic or what you can find from pictures at the time. Probably like all things it lies somewhere in the middle and varies in intensity from place to place.