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Monday, March 26, 2007

Modern fArt

While in New York I had a great chance to visit one of the premier museums for Modern fArt that exist, the MoMA. One of the frustrating things that I noticed was that the 'artists' never seemed to be able to relate what their masterpiece was about. Perhaps they couldn't recognize it.

Fortunately for you, I've taken a few of these masterpieces and helped you to better appreciate these items of beauty by giving them a name and helping you to understand the emotions and passion behind these brilliant works.

Gymnasium in Flood

Nothing better captures emotions than a flood. Here you can see three balls. One finds itself as an outcast from the others despite them all being the same. You can also see their tension as the rest between the water that lifts them and the air that they need to remain full. Yes, I think we all can relate.

Home Depot: Paint Department

Some of the most beautiful things in the world are those that are around us all the time. What better way to demonstrate that to bring the world of your local paint department to the halls of a museum. A perfect contrast of simple and refined.

Young Artist Wets Their Bed

As a child wakes up in the morning and wets the bed, so has this artist. But to help preserve the complexity and disorder of those moments the artist has replaced the results of micturition with paint.

Freebirds as Leftovers...Microwaved

We've all done it. Brought home a burrito and tried to reheat it. Most people realize that you should take the foil off before microwaving; however the artist chose to let us see the danger that would happen if we did not follow our normal pattern of rules.

Jacked-Up Jousting Jackalope

Yeah, um...there's no explaining this one. I'm thinking they needed some money, had a few sticks and a dead rabbit.

As you can see those that appreciate or create modern art are socially capable individuals that are solidly grounded in reality and help to express the world in a way that's intuitively relevant and comprehendible to all.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Oh man! I had the same experience in that ridiculous "Museum". When I went they had an ENTIRE FLOOR dedicated to some jackoff that painted a hundred paintings just like your "Home Depot: Paint Department" picture.

What a travesty.

Anonymous said...

Excellent summary of today's artistic (autistic?) talent, New York Style! I see you inherited your grandmother's eye for art...only more savvy. And just think, you and I helped finance this tripe, thank you National Endowment for the Arts...That thought may help focus your prior comments about where your taxes waddle off to, courtesy of Congress's infinite pandering for votes habits. The exhibit was apparently all too educational; just not in the manner and fashion that the (f)ART musuem had intended it to be. Good to have you back online again.
p.s....was that a "jackalope" or a "jerkalope" on skewers? Looked a bit like some of your childhood dinner main courses...eeeeeeww!!