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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dear Kitty,

I saw you as I rounded the corner. I didn't yet know what you were, only that some of your pals were surrounding you. I scared them away after letting out a roar, but I coul not move you. You only laid there. I looked down and you were still moving, and then I realized who you were. You were another kitty, but you had been hit by some car before were long gone, but still lingering.

I wish I knew what to do. Should I finish what the first car started? Should I use the machete I had in the car and make it quick and clean? What if you belonged to somebody? What if they saw me finish it all quickly? Where would I put you? Would you get my car dirty? What would a cop do if they saw me with a bloody machete? Should I just drag you out of the road? Should I leave a note for your owners? I don't know what to do, what would be best, what would cause the least harm.

Had you kept moving I would have helped, but when you stopped I knew that you should be left where you were so that your story would be easily known. I will now leave you to your circle of mourning friends, may your death not also be the death of them.

The Man Who Watched You Pass Away

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see that you're just as soft hearted/headed as I (sans the sword!)...Ask me sometime about a similar experience that occurred long, long ago in front of your first home...I still vividly recall the incident.