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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Beyond the Norm

I like to partake in things that are different. For example I do my best to take new routes when I go places, I like to buy one thing from the grocery store that I've never bought before, I've even left the country several times in hopes of changing my worldview. One thing I really love doing though is finding a good movie that wasn't made in the US; particularly one that forces you to think a little more about the world that you live in. Tonight's experiment was Das Experiment, a movie that seems simple on the surface but has so much more beneath. Basically it shows a microcosm where a group of people is given absolute power. And as expected within short time that power corrupts them, absolutely. What's really scary about it though is to think that none of these people really acts that far from what you would expect them to. Things get brutal, but it is scarily plausible. Makes you wonder if that sort of thing is happening on a miniscule level then what happens at a grander scale? How much of our international treatises are simply an extension of this type of experiment where one group has power and the other is forced to comply? Or at the other end, the guards seem civil and behaved when dealing with what in the real world parallels that? Perhaps some people or groups of people may seem to be kind and considerate when under a critical eye, but the moment they get the chance they bare their hideous face (kinda like Bilbo in LOTR: FotR). One thing that really scares me in life is people who desire power. Just think of all the bickering that goes on because of it. Or even in my own life, I know that a group I was in (FLIP) got screwed over because the person over us lusted after the small piece of power he had. Power is the only thing in the world that truly scares me; because while it can cause a great amount of good to be done it can also cause irreversible and horrible damage...or who's to say that by trying to mightily do good the power doesn't cause our minds to warp and end up making us hurt others?

There's one thing I guess that's scarier than power...and that's teenage girls. They are just freaky. For example I found this site (don't ask how) today, The saddest part is that somebody would take so much time into making something like this. I mean really girls; do you NEED to know what color your passion is? Seriously, if you found out you were mauve would that put a hamper on your day? Or how about finding out which Sex in the City girl you are. If you find out you're Samantha does that mean you're going to run out and do X? But hey, since they think it's important I decided to make a quiz of my own on that topic:

Are you a(n):
A. Slut
B. Workaholic
C. Hopeless Romantic
D. Obsessor

Answer Key:
A. Samantha
B. Miranda
C. Charlotte (and that means you're hot)
D. Carrie

I hope all you young ladies are satisfied. Now go read a good book and don't think about boys for another 15 years cause they're too immature to handle you at this age.

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