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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Time to go Vote

Alright, the time has come. I'm going to go vote. Hopefully I can get there in time and not wait too long. Basically here's what I decided. I have to vote for the person who I believe will best lead our country for the majority of events we will run into. Frankly I really like Bush as a person, and would love to hook up with his daughter Barbara one day, but that doesn't change the reality that if we don't get another leader soon then we'll continue our downward cycle in the rest of the world's view. And frankly, if you think that the whole world is against you all the time, then maybe you're the one in the wrong. In other races I think I'll vote for Jon Porter for as my congressman, and a couple republicans as some of the local and state representatives, but seriously. I gotta go now.

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