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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Singles Groups are for Old Divorced People

First Thanksgiving with the now further disjointed family. Visited new relatives, played with the boys, threw babies in the air, watched the babies throw things up on their mothers, enjoyed it all, but it was without deep meaning...yet.

My parents seem to be the only ones who realize that nobody wins by them splitting up. They claim they are happier, but why are they too immature to simply have an honest talk with one another? I'll probably spend most of the Christmas season just trying to find a way to avoid them both so that I don't have to commit to one and thereby hurt the other's feelings. Kids, don't get divorced, it sucks, and nobody wins.

In good/bad news, I think I've re-evaluated my stance on babies. I now like them when they are 5+ months old. That way they can smile, do funny baby things, but they still don't talk so you can pretend they're only thinking happy thoughts. Babies are really cute when they smile and mimic the faces you make. Plus my nephew has a nickname now "Buddy". It's more fun than Gabriel, so I think that's gonna stick for a LONG time.

It was nice having time off from work. The phones are driving me nuts. I'm trying to have a good attitude in there, but honestly I'm just not enjoying the whole work thing. I'm just hoping that I'll get more used to it. But really I think the biggest thing for me is that I need to find a few commitments outside of work to get me involved in Austin...who knows what they'll be, but church groups and Frisbee may be in the mix. Although I really don't like how now that I'm not in college that I'm supposed to go to the 'singles' group. For some reason that just makes me feel old. It's not that I'm opposed to meeting women, in fact I'd love to even see somebody that’s female and not a coworker, but my main goal right now is not to have the acme of my evening be when I get to watch that day’s recorded episode of BBC World News.

Oh well, at least this weekend was great. I got to run up to Oklahomo for the second time in my life. But this was the first time I went on purpose and let me say it was great. I got to spend some time with Cleatus (aka Chris MacWatters) and his fam, had a home cooked meal by grandma, plus we ended up hanging out with a bunch of our friends from camp. Man I love those people. It was so nice too getting to see them outside of the stress of chasing after kids all day. They are truly wonderful people, and I hope that our paths don't diverge too much.

I'm _______ because:
Happy: Alias Season 4 starts Jan 5, babies are cute, Desperate Housewives is a surprisingly entertaining score, I drove from OK City to Austin in 5 hours on the Sunday of Thanksgiving, Kat O'Hearne is moving to Austin, and because I got to spend some time alone with 3 of my siblings this weekend.
Sad: Women refuse to allow logic to be applied to their own contrived depressive situations to see that things are all bad, Austin is really boring right now, and because even if I sleep from now until work I'll still average 6 hours for the last two nights.
Joyful: I know that no matter what is in the happiness or sadness categories that my purpose on this earth will always be to serve God.

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