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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Living in a Transit Station

Sometimes I feel like a transit station. So much traveling is beginning to wear a little thin on me. Not so much of a prob with where I am going, just all the junk I have to go thru to get there. Combined with the fact that I have had one decent night´s sleep in the last 3, and those nights combined make almost a full night´s sleep.

1. Why do people not realize they smell bad? Last night one of the biggest reasons I couldn´t sleep is because the two guys next to me had such strong BO that I literally gagged on the stench.
2. If somebody is sleeping next to you and it´s 5am...DON´T start talking really loudly to your friends.
3. If a Spanish ticket salesman tells you that you don´t need a reservation for the train, he´s lying.
4. When thieves are caught the person who the offense was done against should be allowed to put their balls in a vice. 10 seconds for every $ 1 of value stolen.

I think that´s it. I´ve really had a great time, but I´m ready to come home now. I´ve seen tons of Europe, found amazing people and places. My goal is complete. Now I´m just looking forward to a little more normalcy. I haven´t had a house to live in since I graduated, I haven´t cooked myself a meal in 2 months, and I´ve only had broken contact with my best friends.

Today is my next to last day. I´m in Madrid, going to Paris tonight, and flying out the next morning. So Texas, I´ll see you soon. And I´m stoked cause I get to watch football, see the 2nd presidential debate, and on the 7th Bill O´Reilly is going to be on the Late Show. Should be a great weekend to get back.

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