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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Dirty Chewbaccas, Famous Paintings, and the Pieces of People in Boxes

From Slovenia, we took the fastest train possible over to Zagreb to meet up with a friend of ours (and Tyson Wallis' cousin in law) who is living there. It was great, we basically got to have an indepth look at what the life of a missionary is like. And I must admit it's a pretty cool; yet, potentially lonely one. So basically we met his roommates, and then headed down to a joint where we got something that sounds like it's called a 'Dirty Chewbacca' and it was ridiculously great! Then he took us on a walking tour of the town, showed us where the cool stuff happened. We also dropped in an Irish Pub where they had hot chocolate that was as thick as pudding...oh yummy! Met a guy in there too that was a world renowned writter about baseball, so that was cool. Speaking of baseball that's one of my friend's main passions, so we went to the local diamond and saw two hometown teams battle it out. Great fun, and decent company. That evening one of the coolest things imagineable happened though, we got to actually sit in on a bible study that they were having! It was amazing to think of openly talking about Christ in this country with people that really had a passion for knowing him better. Couldn't ask for more. That evening we ended up having a great convo about life, and then hopped a train to Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest was a blast. Basically, all you have to do is find a tent, park yourself there and drink and dance with the locals...only sad part was leaving.

Next stop was meant to be Rome, but I decided 'why not visit Florence on the way'. So we saw the Uffizi, (but only after a 4 hour wait in line), saw a few buildings, then went the rest of the way to Rome.

Rome at night was beautiful. Let me just say this was another 'we needed a girlfriend' moment. Cause with the lights and the buildings and the was perfect. I have a new favorite building: Venice Plaza. We got to soak up the Vatican at night. And per Chris' desire we trespassed into somebody's yard and slept on a hill. Where we got to see the sunrise.

Today we woke up and we really saw the whole town. The Vatican, check. Sistine Chapel, check. Ancient Roman Forum, check. Colosseum, check. Pantheon, check. Pizza, check. Gelato, check. All I've left to do is to go see the Spanish steps and I'll be golden.

But anyways, my time is almost up, so I must be gone. I'm looking forward to getting home now, but moreso I'm anxious to see everything that we've left to do.

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