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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dear Bank,

You remember how a few months ago, I asked you if there was any way to renegotiate our mortgage so that I could get a better rate and drop PMI? You remember how you made up these really dumb astronomical numbers trying to keep me from redoing the loan?

Well, turns out the joke's on you. I went elsewhere to refinance my loan, they got all the money, you got none of it, and then you know what? You bought my exact same loan back from me! You could have made a lot more money, processed a lot less paperwork, and reduced the number of pointless middle men (I'm looking at you Title Insurance company!) by simply working with me. Instead you lost out big, and you're stuck with the less-profitable loan anyway.

In fact, you're so dumb, that just on your imbecilic actions alone, I think I might just move my regular account (which was also with you) to a credit union instead.

Meanwhile, I'm happy that I'm no longer paying you that old rate, no longer paying your stupid mortgage insurance, and no longer letting you earn even more interest on my money in an escrow account.

You stood to gain so much more, but instead your short-sighted greed meant you gained nothing and passed the buck on to a bunch of other people instead.


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Unknown said...


Corporations are so dumb sometimes... Who decided that it was a good idea to give them all the money anyway?