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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tribute to Abi

This week is Abi's last on the planet. So in memoriam I wanted to make a tribute to her and all that she's brought to our lives even though her's wasn't as long as anybody had hoped.

Ever since the start, I saw how happy you made my future wife, and knew you were something special.
Your goofy antics always kept things around here light-hearted.
You even did well in your beginning computer course, but failed once you learned how to work the mouse.

Helpful with yardwork

Focus of many a squirrel's nightmares

Rescuer of countless drowning sticks and balls

Even when you were bad, we still loved you and mostly wanted to laugh.

And while you never got over your fear of storms or beeping sounds.
You were always there to destroy our enemies
Be they squirrels
Or balls
You defended us nightly from the vicious laser
You were always up for a trip outside
To chase a ball with full tenacity.
And crash with equally as full force
Willing to make new friends.
Even though you weren't always willing to share.
But your love you did share, and gave cautiously but fully

You've been such a great dog, but unfortunately you drew the short straw when it came to genetics.

You almost died multiple times because of your various weird allergies. But we fixed those.

But the part we couldn't fix was your back. We didn't know that when you were hurting your feet, it's because you couldn't feel them anymore. That when you would make an accident in the house it wasn't cause you were lazy, but because you couldn't feel anything.

And finally, it became more noticeable that you were hurting and couldn't live your life fully anymore with your pack.

But now it's all become too much and it's time for you to go to Doghalla, where the rivers are clear, the weather is warm, the sticks are always floating, and the squirrels only have 3 legs.

We'll miss you, but never as much as you missed us

Sleep well...

December 12, 2002 - August 26, 2010

Update (12/21/2009):
As a bit of a Christmas miracle Abi's health took a shocking turn for the better late last week. She went from being in pain and having lots of accidents and a poor quality of life for over a month straight, to being very joyful & bouncy and having only a few minor accidents. Because she's happy and not in pain, she received a stay of execution.

We don't know how long that this period of healthiness will last, but we're thankful for it, and it makes for a much happier holiday season.

Update (08/26/2010)
Things finally got bad enough to where we realized we had to let go. We took every step we possibly could to prevent her decline, but nothing could turn back the ticking clock.  And she reached the point where could no longer be the dog we knew she was.


Otis said...

Feel free to leave any story or memory you have of Abi below.

Condolences or the like should be sent privately. Thank you.

The Wise Owl said...

Well Put...A Fitting Requiem...So Sorry to Hear of Her Demise, as I Know This Will Leave a Rather Large Hole in Both of Your Lives. I'm Guessing That You Had a Veterinarian Put Her to Sleep...Is There Going to Be Any Memorial Service? (If So, We'll Attend... Really.) A Pet-Member of the Family is Uncomfortably Similar to Having a Child Croak...May God Spare You Both From That Misfortune! Anyway, Nice to Finally See Something on the Old Bloggeroo, Too Bad It Had To Be This Sad News... God Bless Y'all...
...Ecclesiastes 3:4...