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Monday, June 18, 2007


Thanks to the recent upswing of my company's stock, patience, lots of saving, and the frugality of our lives lately; the wife and I reached a pretty awesome milestone in our lives. We paid off my car!

I can't tell you how freeing it is to know I no longer have to make that payment each month, to hold the title in my hands, and to know that no matter what, that's my property and it can't be taken away from me*. So now when you see me driving around in my car. Know this. That vehicle is paid for and I'm now one step closer to being free from those whom I owe money.

Another cool related thing is that for the first time since college both myself and my wife are free from any and all credit card debt. This has been a big goal of ours to get rid of credit card debt, and we finally did it!

Needless to say it's been a great month, and a freeing one from a financial perspective. I'm really looking forward to our Personal Debt-Free Day, which should happen sometime within the next 2 years...or 1 year if we really cut back on expenses.

*Except by the government for any reason it decides, or an individual if they happen to sue me, or theft, or by accident thereby destroying the vehicle and removing it from my possession.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, that's awesome. I can't wait to pay off my car.

Anonymous said...

Hey that Orange Mobile you helped shove several days back (MANY THANKS!) has been paid off since 1975! The MPV since 1998... The other: well I want to do my part to help Ford Motor Co. out of its sales slump, as long as I can - charitable motives, ya know!... And, BTW, not to worry about losing the Silver Bullet to a lawsuit - it is personal property that is exempt from seizure in a judgement (IRS Liens excepted). Call me for details, if you wish. Same with the other 4-wheeler... but, the mc's...well that's another story... Congrats! Proud of you for doing as I say, not (always) as I do!... :)