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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Gig' Em Horns!

Thanks for the awesome game. That was the best football that I've seen in years. Definitely the best BCS game since Ohio State played Miami and won in 3OT. Everything lived up to its hype, and I even found myself cheering for the enemy. While you will never quite meet the ecstasy experienced by taking down UT in 1999 after Bonfire fell or defeating the No.1 OU at Kyle Field with an unknown freshman QB, the USC vs. UT game will go down as one of the greatest ever. Congrats, enjoy your moment in the spotlight, and mostly...thanks for helping to win A&M some more money.


Anonymous said...

I can't get over how awesome that shirt is. Don't know why. It's just freakin' awesome.

Anonymous said...

All great things must someday pass,
With a whimper, or loudly bawlin';
This one did, and hence, alas,
The Mighty Trojans have now fallen.

Fine warriors, they did abound,
Heisman engraved, potential near;
Favored ones, high hopes around,
Only the "in-Vince-able" to fear.

Number One 'gainst Number Two'
The greatest bowl game ever;
Who could guess the devil's due?
The "Three-peat" prayers to sever.

A month of hype, a wait so long
How could the action match it?
Past New Years Day it did prolong,
What football fan won't catch it?

When finally started, a noisy roar,
A crowd nearly evenly divided;
They all knew no routs tonite, nor
A game quickly decided.

Back and forth the scoring goes,
Momentum chose no preference;
By halftime 'Horns ahead-who knows-
What team would show its deference?

By second half the men of Troy,
Had scored on each possession;
Would Vincent be a man or boy,
A hero, or in need of confession?

It boiled down to fourth and one,
'Twas handed to Lyndale White;
This the moment fame is won,
Though, not to be this night.

The Texans said, he shall not pass,
The first down line as marked;
They piled him down upon the grass,
Just inches shy he's parked!

Two minutes now for Vince to use,
To throw or yet to run;
Then he went, 'twas his to choose,
The contest nearly done!

Run or toss, he couldn't miss,
A-marching down the field;
Away ye tacklers, here's a kiss,
The Troy defence would yield.

On 4th & five there wasn't doubt,
That S.C. was the mourner;
There goes Vince, just seconds out,
Sprinting to the endzone's corner.

On Persia's coast, there was a land
that made the Greeks enraged;
Those men of Troy, they had a hand
In battles long engaged.

A ten year streak, a firm defence,
'Gainst Agamemnon & Achilles;
Hector fought with courage, hence,
When slain, there sprouted lillies.

When all was lost, the enemy fled,
The war appeared all over;
So Troy relaxed, but soon they bled
From a giant horse in cover.

Thirty-four, the streak had been,
Three championships in sight;
Victory vanished right there when,
In-Vince-Able ran right.

May Longhorns cheer long and loud,
From the results of this meeting;
But forget not, and be not proud,
For know, all glory's fleeting!

......By a disappointed USC fan,
It was his almost-mater.
Glad for UT-Mack's the man!
And by this blogger's father.

P.S. - Yeah, you can send this to
the Austin Paper, if it's
worth retelling...(ha-ha!)

Anonymous said...

Also, I guess you could title that last lengthy somnolent ballad, "Requiem Upon The Field Of Conquest." Seems to fit the tone of it all....Sniff, Sniff.... Pardon me as I dry a recalcitrant tear....