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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Maturity at Its Best

So one of the things that I have to do while at work is file documentation for any bugs that I find in our products or documentation. Most of the time this is really important so that our customers can have the best, most accurate, and fully functioning products as possible. Typically it's a pretty serious process, but I'm not one to really let that get to me. Instead I decided to have a little fun the other day

Problem Description:
Numeric Control displays values that do not feel natural when changing the data format.

Steps To Reproduce:
[Changed so you can do it at home!]
1. Open Calculator (Start > All Programs > Accessories)
2. Go to View and change it to Scientific
3. Enter the number "184594917" into Calculator
4. Change to Hex (View > Hexadecimal)

Errant behavior should be seen. Suggest a workover.

[My Friend]: I would handle this/these myself, but I don't know if I'm up to it. Behavior like this requires a lot of support, underwire I would imagine. Maybe R&D Guy has more experience in this domain than I. I would suggest getting a large cup of coffee, a d-cup if you will, to handle this.

[Clueless R&D Guy]: Seems fine to me. BTW - When you investigate, please provide some feedback to Matt that he should be more explicit in what is wrong. What did he expect to happen that did not happen? What "errant behavior" is he talking about? ...[further clueless questions]... What?

[My Friend]: FYI, this was a joke. Please disregard this completely.

It cracks me up how clueless some people in R&D are. Could they not see this was a joke? Oh well, it's kind of endearing. And it's great to see the rest of the world is not quite as juvenile as I. At least I had my fun.


Anonymous said...

That's damn funny! I like to put weird stuff like that in our helpdesk ticketing system too. No one ever reads them, but it amuses me...

- Evans

Jacob Foshee said...

Hahahaha... Oh, still funny after all these years...

I might have to try this at work... (after carefully weighing sexual harrassment risk and possible language barrier issues...)