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Friday, July 22, 2005

Thanks for Saving Us!

"Halloween, adding to safety. "Kids across the nation will soon rejoice," said Upton, because they'll have another hour of daylight trick-or-treating."

Yes, cause that's what every kid wants. To have a nice bright Halloween. It's so much fun to run around outside in the sun saying Trick-or-Treat!

I wish they would just ditch the time change in general. Why don't people just realize that time is an arbitrary unit that dictates our lives. Oh well. At least we have congress tackling this important issue for us.

Sorry for being a bit MIA lately. Harry Potter came out this week, I'm working as much as normal and a certain person has been taking up a lot of my time. Harry Potter was great, and other things are even better.


Andrea said...

I can't BELIEVE our elected representatives are wasting time over something as stupid as this! You have got to be kidding me. I really liked this quote:

"The beauty of daylight-savings time is that it just makes everyone feel sunnier," said Markey.

That's what this country needs. Legislation to make everyone feel "sunnier". If only we'd known the answer to all of our problems lay in manipulating time.

And what does this mean?

"farmers complained that a two-month extension could adversely affect livestock"

How? How could this possibly affect them? It's not like pushing the clock back or forward an hour is going to change the seasons, and last time I checked cows couldn't tell time.

Jeremy said...

Hooray! The more Daylight Savings there is, the better.

Anonymous said...

Fee-fi-fo-fum...I smell mutual not-so-subtle blog why doth this pattern feel so fishilly familiar???;)