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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

You Got Served!

The more I think about the whole Eminent Domain ruling by the Supreme Court the more it irks me.

For example, here is a story that shows how within just a short time of the ruling it is already being abused. Sickens me, but no surprise that it's taking place near the butt of the US, Houston.

The fun part comes in today when my new hero Logan Darrow Clements proposed to build a hotel on Justice Souter's property. He is currently seeking investors to help pave the way for building the "Lost Liberty Hotel" and adjoining museum. As soon as I find that info I'll post it so that you can donate. I would love to see this guy's house razed...the irony in the whole thing would be absolutely brilliant!

Feeling least all of my property has tires.


Andrea said...

Oh, this is just too great. Long live Logan Darrow Clements!

And in all fairness to Houston, my hometown, this is taking place in Freeport. Mississippi is the butt of America. Houston is that sweaty part between between the bottom of your butt and where your leg starts.

Anonymous said...

If nothing else this total insanity should add some fuel to the fire of the movement to take away life tenure for SC justices.


Otis said...


The more I hear come out of your mouth the more afraid I am that I may actually like a lawyer one day.


Just no good way to follow up that comment, so I'll let yours stand.

Michael Ward said...

You linked to Neal Boortz...haha

Jacob Foshee said...

Let's build a cemetary instead. It's got my support.

Is that blight I see? Looks like a good place for Houston Galleria VII.

Otis said...

Boortz is my Aggie-Libertarian hero! Basing opinions on thoughts, not feelings, is the only way to go.

Michael Ward said...

I used to listen to Boortz, but then he said something offensive to my sensibilities; it also made me question his thought process, which, up to that time, had seemed sound.