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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Slightly 'Dirty' But Funny

So when perusing various news sites I came across a rather interesting study. Granted this article has been rife with all sorts of immature headlines, so I'll come up with my own.

Women only Orgasm When They aren't Scared or Other Words, Rarely for Most, Never for Some.

That would be a really chauvinistic thing to say, and since I'm not really a chauvinist I'll just pretend that I would really say that.

Now all dirtiness aside, I think that a study such as this actually is really interesting. It shows that there are real differences between men and women for sex to be a great experience. The biggest thing is that a woman needs to have security so that they don't cling to their conscious thoughts. Security equals safety, eliminates fear and allows enjoyment.

Conversely there are some interesting things to learn about guys. The anticipation is half the fun for a guy. The touch centers of the brain get prepared before the encounter. Also that for the guy that sex is not quite as intimate it doesn't require the same 'safe' scenario.

Granted everybody is different and being a member of 'Club V' I'm not exactly the expert on Sex. But I do find studies like this interesting in that they can help people better understand who the opposite sex is at their very core.

Plus, it really encourages marriage for great my mom and dad hopefully won't be appalled that I posted this.

But since sex is honestly pretty funny here are some interesting facts:
  • Men couldn't be studied because the test took 2 minutes
  • "Women can imitate orgasm quite well." -some scientist
  • Men see sex as a reward
  • If women just turned off their brains they'd be in a perpetual orgasm
  • Being a man, my brain is normally off...that's why it's better to be a guy

    Anonymous said...

    So, how many women reading this now are trying to turn their brains know...just to see. An experiment. That's it. An experiment. Taking one for science. Okay, that sounds bad. I'm going to stop now.

    Michael Ward said...

    This is your most provocative post yet. Speaking of sex, did you see or hear about "The Education of Shelby Knox"?

    Otis said...

    This is all I really know about the movie.

    I bet the movie is based on Martha's life. Crazy Lubbock feminists!

    Mike, care to enlighten me a bit more about this movie?

    martha said...

    that article says something about the inherently shallow nature of men. you guys rarely think, especially when it comes to male-female interactions. i'm surprised you're able to accomplish anything with your days, what with the constant sexual stimulation and all.

    and now that i've said what you all expected to hear: do NOT, i repeat NOT, judge the lbk based on that documentary. my life in lubbock was NOTHING like that. but that's an entirely different matter.

    Michael Ward said...

    Strong words from the Lubbockite. I think perhaps that article and documentary rubbed someone (and I'm not saying who) the wrong way.

    Excellent post, Matt, for getting passive readers to respond.