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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

My New Toy

Any of you that know me know that I love driving. Probably one of my favorite things period. Well, this past week I finally got something I've been wanting for a long time. A new motorcycle!

When I got my last bike I knew that it'd be temporary. I think the comment that my best friends little brother said sums it up best, "He looks like a monkey humping a football." So yeah, the old bike was a little too small.

So how did I pick the new bike? Well, as any girl going out to get a prom dress can tell you, you gotta start with the shoes. In my case I bought a newer, quieter, non-facemask-flying-open-randomly-on-the-highway helmet (Shoei TZ-R) on Monday. That helmet just so happened to match this bike in the dealership perfectly. And it's all history from there.

Actually, for those wondering if I'm going to start working for Surprise by Design, I'm not. The thing is I've wanted this particular bike for a long time now because it's just the best all around bike for a guy my size. So I saw this bike, I knew they were trying to clear it out of the store, I wanted a new one anyways, and I now have a perfectly matching helmet. I decided I wanted the thing on last Tuesday, and after a lot of wheeling and dealing on Friday I made the local motorcycle dealer really sad about how much they earned and I got my new favorite toy.

So if you think I'm a little MIA lately, you're right. I'm probably out and about tearing up the roads on my new toy. My 2004 Honda Interceptor (VFR800). Man oh man, do I love the roads around Austin. I would also like to thank State Farm for insuring me for less than the $4000 per year that Progressive wanted, and I would like to thank Woods Fun Center for setting up quotas that made them want to make no profit on this bike.

Now all I have to do is get a matching jacket and gloves, maybe some pretty shoes... I should stop.

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Anonymous said...

Oh you silly silly boy! I'm so sad I missed you last weekend, but as you know I had important family stuff to go to! I really like your new toy...very sleek and Matrix-ish. And as a girl who was very good a picking out prom dresses, I do believe the ensemble is not complete until you have ALL of the accessories: purse, jewelry, hair thingies, the works:) But thats just me...Meg