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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Sick Reflections

Well, the reflections aren't sick; but, due to some sickness, I've had time for reflections. Not really anything deep, just a chance to peruse the old wanderings of my thoughts. As such this weekend I reread my journal from my EuroTrip and decided to pull a few excerpts from that journal (or 'Man-Diary').

Appendix 9: Things I will miss [from our trip]
  • Singing songs with Chris
  • Never knowing where I will be next
  • Building that people put time into
  • Meeting strangers on trains
  • Seeing something new around every corner
  • Latin Women
  • Hard Bread and creamy honey
  • Unique Gargoyles
  • My host families and Lippstadt friends
  • Attitudes towards alcohol
  • Smart Cars
  • People with ridiculous fashion statements
  • Eurohawks and Euromullets
  • Doner Kebab
  • Speaking German
  • Playing in Castles
  • Old People who are still LIVING
  • Ridiculous numbers of stairs
  • Gelato and Magnum ice cream
  • Staying in strangers' houses

  • Concerning the ties one feels towards their homeland
    Why is it that peope feel so connected to the land [which] they were born in? There are very few people on the earth who would actually want to trade passports with somebody else. Is it the land itselfe? Possibly. Surely it's not the politics? Nobody is ever truly happy with the political decisions of their state. I want to say it's the people, but even that can't be true because we really can only know a small commune; therefore we do not have a bond with the entire country. Perhaps it is rather a never-fully-existent concept of what our country is? A group of people united around a common vision, despite different ideas [of how] to get there. It has to be beyond the tangible, we must love something in our hearts that we can never fully understand. That is how so many people can unite under one flag and share the same pride. Live the same dream.

    Written after watching people show how proud they were of their team during the Olympic Games.

    Life Goals
  • Work a Dude Ranch
  • Bungee Jump
  • Run a Marathon
  • Climb a +14k foot mountain
  • See the Pyramids at Giza
  • Make a Pilgrimage
  • Travel somewhere 500+ miles away by bike or hike
  • Omitted
  • Omitted
  • Drive on a race track
  • Fly
  • Lead a Bible Study
  • See every continent
  • Go bow hunting
  • Learn to surf
  • Speak more than 3 languages
  • Whitewater raft
  • be added to as new ideas arrive

  • Realization towards end of trip
    I AM just a tourist. This whole life is but a trip that I'm taking. I'm not going to get home until this life is over. So I need to keep living my life with an open eye, desire to learn more about the locals I meet, and treat every place I am in as my mission field. Because I am only passing thru, this whole life is but one amazing vacation!

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