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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Bosco's First Birthday

A year ago today Bosco was born.

Although we didn't get to see him until the day we picked him up.

Once we got there he said his goodbyes:

And then had a great trip home with us:

And while he was cute and flopsy:

He was also a vicious beast filled with razor-sharp puppy teeth:

Fortunately after being up for a few hours he would sleep:

Wake to explore his world some more:

Run around:

And would wear everybody out:

He managed to grow, and grow, and grow, but finally leveled out:

As he grew we tried to train him:

And taught him to fetch:

And sit:

And to be lazy on Sunday mornings:

Now that he's bigger he's made friends:

And has become the high-flyer of our family:

And we're the ones who get to see this face every day:

He's leveled out at 85 lbs and is 28 tall at the haunches and the withers.

Now that he's gotten older he's starting to run with us, but his max so far is about 2 mi of continuous running. His cardio's getting better, and I'm sure once it cools down he'll be a champ.

He is a bit freaked out by water, but I think that mostly is due to the drought and that it's only rained like 4 days his whole life.
Despite his unease with water we did find a fresh watering hole and teach him to swim. He's actually pretty good at it and one day when there's more water we'll likely take him for more swimming.

He's super sweet, gives us kisses all the time (but not sloppy wet ones thank goodness), he loves to cuddle with us, he has never destroyed anything that isn't his, very even tempered in new situations, nice towards others if they're nice, but he won't take unnecessary crap from aggressive dogs, let's kids jump on him without concern, super calm in the house, but loves to have fun outside. Really he's the best of all worlds and we couldn't ask for better.

So happy birthday little dude!

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The Wise Owl said...

Wow...! A Blog Entry! -SHOCK!!- Nice Job...Good Choice For You Both (I Finally Found "Rhodesian Ridgebacks" on Animal Planet's "Dogs 101"). But, Uh, Teaching Him to Sleep in On Sunday Mornings, Instead Of Going to Church! I'm Aghast! Such Parenting....Tsk, Tsk, tsk...tsk... Good Blog Entry, You Still Do Well at Writing... Just Wish That Maybe You Might Do So a Little More Often, Just Maybe More Than Twice Annually, Huh? I Just Ran Across This Entry Now (Oct, 5th, 2011) Because I'd Nearly Given Up Looking For Entries, and Only Check Every Few Months. Anyway, I Pray That You & The Missus Are Doing OKay (Must Be, Haven't Heard Anything Lately); and Hopefully Sometime We Can Talk Again When You Have A Free Hour - Yeah, I Know, Free-Time is at a Premium, and Irregular.... Take Care! -Wise Owl, the Band-Aid Bassics...