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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Does My Dad Have a Website?

I swear, this could be my dad's post:
Cake Wrecks - The Readers Have Spoken

I think he's secretly out there running a bunch of blogs, is actually internet savvy, and only pretends to not like technology to keep us from trying to find out his sum body of works.

...or maybe there are other people out there that just love puns?


Anonymous said...

"...or maybe there are other people out there that just love puns."

I remember the night well when you Dad gave you an onslaught of puns while walking down a Texas highway. ;)

Anonymous said...

Alright...I've been trying to "Behave!" by not clogging (no wooden shoes, please) up your spidery-website (web-footed-site?) lately, but now I must exit the closet & comment (be Calm, Meant that)...(can one actually open a close-t?)...But, thou hast forceth me to bespeak my peace: So you think it's been a cakewalk all these years, having my cake an kneeding it too, layer upon layer of experiences (those being "periences" that one used to have), milking & egg-zagerating each flour I pass, yeah sugar I do! These warts of ART (i-fish-all inert-greed-eel-ents) are prepared by kooks in kitsch-ens around the country (or city). Someone had to reveal (that's a re-used cutlet) the yeast a peeling of these worsts ofart. I never thought you'd discover (no not a CD case) this wet-sight. Drat! Now I may (or june) have to s-tart up a gnu site (maybe one for sore eyes). That'd be the icing on the...well, y'know... Your late grandma once won a national cake-baking contest, many decades ago (true!) ...I guess that's why... Well, I can't shut down the Wrecksite...too many count on it (got to send 'em all calculators, I s'pose, lest they abba-cuss-me-out)... Well, gotta bake tracks now, bizzie-bissy! (Hope that doesn't frost you?) Better go now, lest something really takes the cake!! Hope things Pan out for you, Oven if you don't...So, meantime, don't clog the blog with a dog, a hog, a log, a pollywog or a frog; don't slog in a tog or sog up a bog, & don't flog your eggnog with grog when you jog in the fog, or you'll slip a cog!