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Friday, April 04, 2008

None the Wiser

On Monday I got my wisdom teeth pulled, all 4 of them. They numbed me up and tried to gas me, and then I figured out that I'm too big to gas. Or at least my lungs use up more air than they could give me. Oh well, at least I was numb and complacent to the fact that they were going to tug, pry, and twist the teeth out of my head.

All went well though and I then came home where I spent the next couple of days, laying on the couch drooling blood. Not exactly a vacation, but on the bright side, I wasn't at work!

But then things went down hill. I got a fever, and then even worse when I was rinsing I found out that Listerine had a direct path into my nose. Let me tell you, for all of you drug addicts out there. Listerine in the nose is NOT something that you want to try...doesn't feel good at all.

Turns out that for a few *lucky* people, the wisdom teeth are connected to the nasal sinus. And when the teeth come out that means there's a nice little passage way between the mouth and the nose. Plus, the extra fun of this means that the physics of the socket means that you want a good seal to plug up the hole and then things heal. However, when you stick a hole on the other side, the physics just don't work in my favor, and instead I get dry socket! Dry socket is's like bacteria are having a party in my mouth and it's fueled by my pain.

So now it's almost a week later, I still have yet to chew anything, my mouth tastes like bacteria poop and any time I fall asleep I leave a puddle of blood. Fortunately in a few weeks, this should all clear up, I'll once again be able to kiss my wife, and I'll be happy that my teeth got pulled. In the meantime though...yeah, trying to think of encouragement, but can't really muster any. This sucks, straight up and there's no way around it. Oh well, time will heal it.


Anonymous said...

Dude, I feel awful that I had the perfect sick day tv entertainment sitting on my desk burned for you but had failed to deliver it. So next time, don't be afraid to call me and remind so I'm not such a slacker!

Unknown said...

Did you save any of your teeth? You oughta make a sweet necklace out of them!

Anonymous said...

Dude, I totally feel your pain. I had one yanked last week, and it FINALLY healed up 2 days ago. I eat a lot slower now 'cause I don't want to gum down on my food. Gross.