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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Primary Dilemma

Primary Dilemma:
Should I vote for the person I believe has the best plan, and I know will lose and be discarded with a smile? Or should I vote for the person who is not my ideal, but who I think could make a positive impact on our country and world?

So a quick run through of the candidates:
  • McCain - Honest man, but I don't like anything he stands for other than no torture.
  • Huckabee - Great on FairTax; unfortunately, he mixes God and politics too much.
  • Paul - Best ideas out there, but the US is too far gone to benefit...we like our lobbyists too much.
  • Clinton - Do I need an explanation?
  • Obama - Only person who seems to understand the 21st Century and has a lot of plans for little steps to move us forward.
I think it's those little steps that will be the real key.

But for this election? I have to go with Obama. The repubs don't respect Paul period, so while I could make a protest vote against McCain, it would simply fall on deaf ears.

So that leaves making an actual difference in the margin of Obama over Clinton. And if that happens, Obama will be president...period. If it ends up being Clinton vs. McCain...I'm voting libertarian or writing in my favorite superhero.

So tomorrow, voting for Obama (for those seeking substance, look here), then I'm going to Caucus and while Caucusing I'm going to do what I can to help push some local actions like eliminating toll roads on existing highways. Mostly I'm just looking forward to actually making some forward progress in this country instead of simply slipping further and further behind in the world...and maybe I'll help to make a step in that direction.

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Unknown said...

Am I your favorite superhero? Will you vote for me? Cause I think I'd be a totally awesome superhero politician.

On a more serious note, this may be the only time, in history or in the future, where the majority of "the old small group" agrees politically on something for the most part. That definitely says something about Obama's ability to bring people together, don't you think?

I'm totally psyched to be temporary secretary at the caucus tonight.